Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sorry England

I'm not one to comment over freely on football. Playing it from memory at age 35 (first time in 16 years) has left me with a badly damaged left knee which the wonderful NHS has failed conspicuously to do anything about.

However I do recall what I thought was the softest own goal of all time. It was in the 1978 'Home Internationals', Wales v Scotland, when a back pass to the Scottish keeper bobbled slowly and inexorably into the Scottish goal. Why? The fool of a fullback had failed to look where his keeper was, i.e. a good 12 metres to his right about 10 metres off his line.

People who weren't alive and/or kicking at the time may feel grateful to the two England players who contrived a near replay in giving Croatia a second goal last night.

The spirit of Sven lives on......

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