Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Progress Report

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We've been canvassing some of our weaker areas coupled with a one or two stronger ones. The results are most encouraging. Nick Kilby was positively ecstatic about the response in one of the former Tolworth West roads canvassed last Saturday morning. Last evening's team also had a great response in a formerly uncanvassed road where the Lib Dem rejection of massively supported petitions on local road closures was particularly resented.
Am particularly delighted that we have carried our point on Arlington Road and that it is going to get a safer pavement sooner rather than later. I'm sure the officers of RBK hadn't looked at it before Jane and I went down there and, with the help of residents, made a fuss in Committee. One up for local representation!
So far we have not seen or heard anything from the opposition apart from a rather scrappy leaflet from the Greens some weeks ago and a couple of responses to matters on this blog from an out of touch Lib Dem (I presume) called 'Anonymous'.


Anonymous said...

You seem very confident!
Remember pride comes before a fall.
It is good to see that the count is in Chessington this year. That means you wont have far to crawl home when you have lost!

Paul Johnston said...

Hello again!
Yes, I am confident but not complacent and certainly not proud, in the sense you mean it. Along with Janet and Jane I have done my best to represent the interests of all the people in Surbiton Hill since they first elected me. And I think we are in touch with the ward in all its diversity.
You once again reveal just how out of touch you are. The count has taken place in Chessington since 1998. There's nothing new about it this year.
Kindest regards!