Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Running scared

Could have been called 'Out of FOCUS II'.

With 3 weeks to go to the Borough elections the Lib Dems have already got nasty and personal. They usually wait until much later. This is distributed in Berrylands ward and is a grotesque attack on our Group Leader Kevin Davis. This from the same group of people who credited Edward Davey with presenting a petition against a phone mast which I actually presented in full Council before 30 of their Councillors! There's much play on what happened when the Tories 'ran' the Council - that famous myth (see .

They are obviously rattled and are running scared!


Anonymous said...

Just received one of your awful 'In Touch' leaflets. Should be called 'out of touch!'.
Also why is the dreadful Jane Smith standing in Norbiton as Jane Cox?

Paul Johnston said...

You obviously ARE out of touch. Jane has been Mrs. Cox for over 2 years now and now wishes to stand under her married name. In 2002 she was still Jane Smith.
While we're on the subject of names, I note you don't care to reveal yours. I always admire someone with the courage of his/her convictions.
Happy St. George's day!