Thursday, September 14, 2006

Travails of Tony II

So the TUC gave Tony Blair a hard time. Some like RMT leader Crow even held up placards saying 'Go NOW!' Others staged a walk out - they're good at that.

If the Brothers keep this up, Tony's popularity ratings will soar. Those who remember the 70s will shudder at the prospect of the over-mighty Unions appearing again. Those who don't remember the 70's would be well advised to read up on it or ask those who do - then they can join in the shuddering too.

The leader of the First Division Association seems to have tried to preach 'quiet calm deliberation'. For those who think this organisation has to do with football, let me put them right. The FDA represents senior Civil Servants - Sir Humphrey Appleby types - powerful, permanent administrators, supposedly impartial. So what exactly is the FDA doing at the TUC Congress anyway, being addressed exclusively by politicians of one party?

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