Friday, September 15, 2006

What's this then?

Someone was paid £40,000 to produce this, it would seem. There's money in 'back of an envelope' logo design. It looks better with the word Conservatives
in big, bold letters alongside it.

If we liked the oak tree as an emblem, why not something with clearly oak tree features, perhaps along the lines of the pleasing logo of the National Trust. And could we have something where the green didn't almost squash the blue into the ground?

It may be that younger people will like it, in which case all's well, I suppose. But, to my mind, it does not convey an impression of durability - of being 'built to last', to coin a phrase - and a Conservative logo surely should.

It's a matter of taste, I suppose. Perhaps I'm too Conservative. I wasn't too keen on the hand and torch logo at first. has a much better tree motiff in blue. Perhaps this 'tree' will grow on me over time. I hope it grows on the country.


Kevin Davis said...

Very worried by this. So many things that are a problem, including how the hell we are supposed to print it in a single colour, without it looking like a blob!

Paul Johnston said...

Quite. I shudder to think what it will look like alongside our names on a ballot paper, come to think of it.

basil rock said...

Why on earth does a political party need a logo?
Did Pitt,Gladstone,Keir Hardy,Nye Bevan,Churchill need logos...NO,neither did they need a mission statement,let alone spin doctors and currently some 3000+ press/pr consultants.

Politics is going the same way as soccer,integrity,steadfastness and sense of purpose are cast to the winds.

Personal financial enrichment and getting the next job is all that matters to them.

No wonder less than 50% vote,soon it will be below 40%,a very sorry state of affairs.