Monday, January 01, 2007

Bulgaria and Romania join the EU

See this link for full story:-

There's reason to rejoice that two more states taken over by Stalin's henchmen after World War 2 have now joined many others in the same case and most of those European states which were never subject to Communism in a free union of European states.

I have a special affection for Bulgaria, having had the son of one of the most prominent architects of post-Communist Bulgaria in my VI Form at the Oratory some 10 or so years ago.

However there are some questions that need addressing:-
  1. The EU now has 27 states speaking between them more than 21 languages. At what point do we say 'enough is enough'?
  2. Can we sustain the ideal of free migration of labour in such a large union.many of whose members already have high native unemployment rates?
  3. With its masses of directives and dysfunctional administration, isn't the EU coming to closely resemble the Soviet system from which the new entrants are painfully emerging?

Other questions will doubtless occur to people.

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