Saturday, January 06, 2007

Drought again this summer?

This news item should disturb everyone:

Particularly concerned should be all of us living in London and the South East who were badly affected by drought in 2006. We need to 'get real', as the saying has it, about climate change. Part of that reality is that global warming has been going on, though not at an even rate, since the last Ice Age. This may well be due to natural forces way beyond our control, though that doesn't absolve us from the obligation to do the best we can to look after the planet we live on. Another part of it is that we are wasteful of water in a way that some other parts of the world, with far less annual rainfall than GB are not. I holidayed on Rhodes 25 years ago; hot, river beds bone dry for months of the year but swimming pools were full and gardens watered. What can we learn from them?

The question is, what can we do about the situation now?

We could:
  1. Set up a desalination plant to enable the use of sea water to make up the shortfall. Thames Water apparently want to do this in the Thames estuary but 'Mayor' Livingstone won't let them.
  2. Stop cramming ever more people into London and the South East. This would mean, among other things, getting a grip on immigration, but this government has (let's face it) deliberately let immigration rip as never before, loudly cheered on by 'Mayor' Livingstone.
  3. Scrap the plans of John Prescott for 4 million new homes in the South east and of 'Mayor' Livingstone for 0.5 million homes to accommodate an additional 750,000 Londoners.
  4. Scrap John Prescott, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and 'Mayor' Livingstone!

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