Saturday, November 04, 2006


Hutchinson 3G want to put in planning application for a 15m mast at the junction of Ewell Road and Kingsdowne Road, near the tree stump and the traffic lights.

The Informer, reporter Robert Cumber wishes to help high-light this issue to a wider audience. An Informer photographer is coming on 8th November at 9:15AM to the proposed Location.

• If you want to comment on the application, look on the Council website at , find the Planning section and look in the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) and base your comments on what you find in there. The Council has to abide by what the UDP says
• Write to your Councillors to make your views known and reasons you have found in the UDP why they should reject the application.
• Contact the Surbiton Planner at RBK: Paul Bradbury 020 8547 5414. email:
• Contact Hutchinson 3G: Gareth Coombes-Olney 01628 767803 or e-mail
• Come to the meeting of the Neighbourhood Planning Committee when the application is being discussed.

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