Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chip 'N Bin - the sequel

The Scrutiny Panel met on Tuesday and spent 3 hours of its 5 hour meeting scrutinising the proposed trial in Berrylands (see 'Chip 'N Bin - Tories intervene' below).

It emerged that the scheme had been in the planning stage since June and yet the Executive member says she knew nothing about it until 6th September. Conveniently this was the day after the Scrutiny Panel on the 5th. She continued to defend, with more doggedness than conviction, her contention that the trial had, even so, been discussed and approved on 5th September. None of us who was there can remember this.

Whatever - It is incredible that communication is so parlous between the Executive Member and her officers that they would not at least brief her on it at all stages of its development.

The Panel decided to refer the trial scheme to the next available meeting of the full Council, where all the elected members will be able to have their say.

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