Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bus stop in Thornhill Road

It's 12 days since we contacted RBK officers and TfL/London Buses about the desired adjustment to the site of the stop at the junction of Douglas and Thornhill Roads. This would involve moving the planned stop about 5 metres to the East to make the bus stop alongside the garden wall of no. 180 instead of alongside the lounge wall. There are 4 buses an hour in each direction.

We had a very positive response from London Buses,who were very willing to accommodate the change but say it was vetoed by the two Liberal Democrat Neighbourhood Co-Chairs. This surprised me at first as I thought they were well disposed.

I wrote 12 days ago setting out the position - not for the first time! I hoped for a response from the Borough to match that of London Buses. Sadly we have had no response at all from Kingston's officers or the Neighbourhood Co-Chairs to match the attitude of London Buses or from our Liberal Democrat MP, Edward Davey, who was also very supportive at first.

We have written again today and hope to report progress soon.


Anonymous said...

Why are the Lib's being so pig-headed?

Paul Johnston said...

Perhaps it's their nature. They have always GOT to be right. I sometimes think they're afraid their whole world would fall apart if they ever admitted to having made a mistake. It's a dreadful insecurity......